The universe we live in is the largest, most complex, most fertile creative act it is possible to imagine.

Whether you adopt a naturalistic, philosophical or theological perspective, the universe can be understood as a single, unified creative field.  This field emerges from all the infinite individual acts of creation and change that occur every moment..  Speaking naturalistically, the continual transformations of energy, matter and form create the matrix of change that enables the creation of new life and its emergent qualities.  Speaking philosophically, all creative acts and the entities that enact them work together to co-create the reality that we perceive.  Speaking theologically, the totality of this creative universe is God.

Seen in this light, we sapient human beings are in a very privileged position.  We not only get to participate in this majestic yet playful dance of creation, we get to be aware of it as well.  If we choose to, we can consciously choreograph our part in the dance.  By choosing to create we shape the dance itself, give it personal meaning, support others in their own choreography, contribute to the unfoldment of reality on many levels, and have enormous fun in the process.  For those with a transcendental sensibility, creation is indeed a sacred act.

It doesn't matter what the creative act is.  Planting a seed, giving birth, writing a poem, building a house, playing music, making a new friend, knitting a pair of socks -- all these creative acts are on an equal footing in the universe.   Even designing a new  pesticide, bomb or exotic financial investment instrument is a legitimate act of creation -- there is no  universal law that says only acts with good outcomes  count.  All creativity contributes to the unfoldment of the universe.

In honour of this universe, no matter how you perceive it, set your creative spirit free.  Every act of creation is a moment of grace.

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