Connections are the fabric of the universe.  Connections at every level form the very stuff of existence.

Human connections between parents and children, between lovers, friends, co-workers and even between strangers on the Internet serve to keep us all sane.  It's no coincidence that the ultimate punishments involve the removal of connections, whether though ostracism, banishment or solitary confinement.  At a very deep level, we need connection in order to remain fully human.  When we want to improve our mental health, the counsellor's first advice is, "Get out and make some friends."

On the physical level, forces such as  gravity and the strong and weak atomic forces connect the material objects in our universe.  Without those connections the planets, stars and galaxies could not even exist.

On a more abstract level, the connections between ideas drive the growth of civilizations.  Connections between states of being are required to make the slightest action possible.  And since both ideas and states of being can represent or involve physical matter, in an indirect way they too involve the physical connections mentioned above.

At a deep philosophical level, every connection in the universe is at least faintly represented in every other connection, no matter how real or abstract each connection may seem to be.  Given that understanding, it is but a short step to the idea that every element of the universe, whether physical (like atoms or galaxies), emergent (like civilizations or human institutions) or abstract (like scientific theories) is connected to every other element of the universe.  The fact that those connections may not be obvious or measurable, or may seem unimportant to our present needs, does not vacate this fundamental truth.

Continuing down that chain of reasoning, the next stop is the realization that the universe itself should be thought of more as a set of connections than as a set of objects.  Objects within the universe may change, but if the infinite lattice of connections is not broken, the universe itself remains intact.

As human beings, it is our privilege to become aware of, and consciously participate in, this infinite lattice of connections.  In fact it is in the web of connections that all creativity is rooted. Every human action creates new connections or changes existing ones.  As human beings we can choose to create connections that are harmonious and fulfilling to us.  By creating or changing the connections that bind us to the universe, we participate in the dance through which all the elements of the universe co-create this existence.  In that sense, we each share in the powers of God.

If we think of God as the infinite sea of connections that underlies our reality, then it's possible to see a single connection as the quantum unit of the sacred.  Every time we consciously create or change this fabric of connections we have the opportunity to become aware of the infinity in which we participate, and through that to touch the awareness of God.

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